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  • Surgery

    January 27, 2021 was my surgery date. It was hard dealing with it as the time drew closer. “Total Gastrectomy” just sounds as brutal and traumatic as it was. But it had to happen. For a moment I thought about resisting. FLOT Chemotherapy was successful. They described my response to it as “remarkable”. My stomach […]

  • Illness and Diagnosis of Gastric Cancer

    For a few years, I had been experiencing symptoms of illness in my stomach, and unable to tell what was happening. Living a typical lifestyle, no problems in general, and then once every few months, I’d wake up in extreme gastric distress. The feeling was like food poisoning. I’d go to urgent care, they would […]

  • The First Post

    Hi, I’m Court. I’m a middle-aged dad of a young daughter, husband of a wonderful wife, and a recent gastric cancer survivor. I have started this blog to record the progress of my new post-cancer life, its struggle, its wonder, its beauty, and its hardships. I became a husband at age 45, became a father […]